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Building an extension for my mother-in-law

I love my mother-in-law but I never planned on living with her permanently. I have been enjoying her living with us now that we have kids but I feel like we all need some extra space so I am getting a granny flat built at the back of our block. This should allow us to have some extra space to make sure everyone has the privacy that they need whilst we can still be a family. This block has some tip on the process of building a granny flat including how to choose a contractor and how to get the council approval for the build.


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Building an extension for my mother-in-law

Emergency Plumbing: Essential Supplies You Should Have At Hand

by Chloe Cooper

Owning a home inevitably means you will have to deal with a plumbing emergency at some point or another. Despite this, there are some homeowners who do not know how to deal with these plumbing emergencies and find they spend a significant amount of money on repairs as well as water wastage. The first step to being able to handle minor emergencies would be to have the appropriate tools at hand. These can come in handy in holding off the emergency as you await professional assistance from emergency plumbers. Below are some of the essential plumbing supplies that you should always have at hand in your home.

Plumbing auger

Most homeowners will already have a plunger to deal with minor blockages in their drainpipes. Nevertheless, there are some instances when the blockage is quite significant and would require a stronger tool to dislodge it. This is where a plumbing auger comes in handy. This is a handheld device that makes use of a hand crank to push down a long metal wire into your drains in an attempt to loosen and dislodge clogs.

Augers are ideal as they can be used in an array of drains such as in sinks, tubs, showers and more. If the clog is located much deeper within your drainage system, then it would be best to enlist the services of an emergency plumber to rectify the problem. It should be noted though that plumbing augers are not suitable for toilet clogs.

A set of wrenches

Since your home's plumbing is made up of a network of interconnected pipes, a wrench is a must-have tool for your home. However, some homeowners tend to be under the wrong assumption that having one wrench would suffice. You have to keep in mind that the different pipes that your plumbing is made up of consist of varying sizes. Therefore, you would be best suited to having a set of wrenches that come in in adjustable sizes. Although you may not use these wrenches on a regular basis, you would rather be on the safe side and have one that works when the time to use it arises.

One wrench that you should ensure you have in your arsenal is a pipe wrench. This wrench functions to tighten the nuts that are located underneath faucets. It is differentiated from other wrenches by its elongated neck that enables you to access the hard to reach areas below the different sinks in your home.