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Building an extension for my mother-in-law

I love my mother-in-law but I never planned on living with her permanently. I have been enjoying her living with us now that we have kids but I feel like we all need some extra space so I am getting a granny flat built at the back of our block. This should allow us to have some extra space to make sure everyone has the privacy that they need whilst we can still be a family. This block has some tip on the process of building a granny flat including how to choose a contractor and how to get the council approval for the build.


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Building an extension for my mother-in-law

Latest Safety Features for Tipper Trucks

by Chloe Cooper

Tippers can be used for commercial and nonindustrial functions, something made possible by the numerous types of tippers that are available for hire. The tipper family consists of tipper trucks, tipper tandem, excavators, and bobcats. The most common tipper that is hired is the tipper truck, based on its flexibility, efficiency and the work to be executed. However, just like most vehicles used every day, tipper trucks have been associated with several injuries over the years. Some of the injuries might be as a result of failed brakes, crashes, over-speeding, fires and short circuiting of the truck's computer or wiring system.

New Safety Features

Following a rise in reported injuries associated with tipper trucks, new safety features have been developed to reduce these avoidable injuries. It is imperative that tipper trucks have to be made more work friendly and eliminate the perception that it is a safety risk. These safety features are developed not only to protect you from injuries, but also other motorists and passersby. They aim to keep you safe when you use a hired tipper truck. These features include:

i.    A Blind Spot Mirror

It is imperative for all tipper trucks to have blind spot mirrors. This will assist the driver to have a better view of blind spots when driving or reversing the truck. The mirror will help avoid any collision with another truck, car or even an individual.

ii.    Two Sets Of Brakes

Having an additional set of brakes only adds the safety levels of the truck. This is commonly found in newer versions of tipper trucks and becomes a failsafe if the main brakes stop working at some point in time. These brakes will halt the truck and prevent any accident or collision with another vehicle.

iii.    Numerous Reflectors Attached On Every Side Of The Truck

Reflectors play a significant role in notifying the presence of the truck to other road users. They come in handy in areas where there is a lot of fog or mist and also enhance the truck's visibility during the night to other road users. This will considerably reduce accidents associated with poor visibility.

iv.    Setting Speed Limits

It is important that the maximum speed of a tipper truck is set to an acceptable limit. This ensures that the truck will be driven safely at all times. Driving at high speeds may cause accidents and injuries due to losing control of the truck or over speeding. The speed limit of the tipper truck can be set mechanically or digitally depending on the model of the tipper truck.