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Building an extension for my mother-in-law

I love my mother-in-law but I never planned on living with her permanently. I have been enjoying her living with us now that we have kids but I feel like we all need some extra space so I am getting a granny flat built at the back of our block. This should allow us to have some extra space to make sure everyone has the privacy that they need whilst we can still be a family. This block has some tip on the process of building a granny flat including how to choose a contractor and how to get the council approval for the build.


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Building an extension for my mother-in-law

Common Causes of Leaking Showers and How to Repair Them

by Chloe Cooper

If your shower is leaking, there could be a number of reasons. Here is a guide to some of the common causes of leaking showers and how to repair them.

Faulty handle

If your shower is leaking, first check that the handle is fully turned off. Remove the front part of the handle and then take out the cartridge with a cartridge puller. You can purchase a cartridge puller and cartridges from a hardware store. Fit a new cartridge, first ensuring that the handle is turned to the off position. If the leaking does not stop, there may be another issue with your shower.

Dripping showerhead

If your showerhead is dripping, the first thing to do is to turn off your water. More water may leak out of the showerhead so hold the showerhead until it stops running. The showerhead may be dripping due to trapped dirt, so the first thing to try is to clean the showerhead. 

You can clean your showerhead with a shower cleaning solution or through mixing white vinegar with water. You should place the showerhead into the solution and then use a toothbrush to rub off the dirt. Attach the showerhead back to the shower, put the water back on and check for leaks.

Another issue that can occur with the showerhead is a broken washer or ring. These are the parts of the shower that are used to stop water from escaping. If water is leaking from this area, you can purchase a replacement from your local hardware store.

Dropping valve

Turn off your water. Detach the shower handle and the metal cover with a screwdriver. If the valve is damaged, you will need to purchase a new one. You may also need to fit new washers. Clean the inside of the shower with either a shower cleaning solution or a mixture of water and vinegar and then fix the shower back together.

Damaged grout

Grout is used to seal your shower and to fill in between tiles. If your grout becomes broken, moist or mouldy, it will need resealing. First, you will need to remove the existing grout. Use tape to cover the shower to protect it from any debris during the removal process. You can loosen the grout through cutting it with a grout saw. Then use a grout scraper to remove the grout. You can also use a chisel to remove the grout. Then clean the area using a scouring pad and take off the tape. You can then apply new grout.

For more information on leaking grout shower repairs, contact your local repairs service.