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Building an extension for my mother-in-law

I love my mother-in-law but I never planned on living with her permanently. I have been enjoying her living with us now that we have kids but I feel like we all need some extra space so I am getting a granny flat built at the back of our block. This should allow us to have some extra space to make sure everyone has the privacy that they need whilst we can still be a family. This block has some tip on the process of building a granny flat including how to choose a contractor and how to get the council approval for the build.


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Building an extension for my mother-in-law

Important Differences in Residential Window Films

by Chloe Cooper

Window film or tint can be a good choice for adding security and privacy to your home, for blocking heat and for protecting the windows from damage. However, not all films are alike, and the film you choose might not accomplish all these tasks as expected! It's good to know the different types of window films on the market today so you're sure to get the type that suits your needs. Note a few important differences in residential window films so you know what to look for when you shop.

Privacy versus tint

Many window films will have a frosted or dark tint in order to make the windows look more attractive and to add to some shade to the space when the sun it out. However, these films may not be the same as privacy film! If you have a light on inside the home, it may be easy to see through even the darkest shade of window tint.

Privacy film will have a special type of pigment that blocks light from either side rather than letting it through so that someone might see nothing more than shadows when there is a light on in the home. For bathrooms, bedrooms and any space where privacy is a factor, be sure to look for these films in particular rather than just choosing by colour.

Heat control

As with privacy film, you don't want to assume that a dark tint on the film will control heat or keep the inside of your home cool. It's true that some shading on a window film can lessen the amount of sunlight that comes into your home, but remember that your home will become warm and stuffy simply from the outside temperature and not just from direct sunlight. Heat control film will bounce heat off the windows and keep it from penetrating the glass, so that the inside of your home is cooler even on the hottest of summer days.

Security films

Some window films will be very thick in order to add extra insulation, but they may not add security and safety to your windows; a thick window film can still be made from a cheap type of plastic that is somewhat easy to break or tear. If your home is located near a roadway where the house is constantly being pelted with gravel or you simply want to add a layer of security against break-ins, you need to opt for actual security film. This will be made of a denser material that doesn't tear or shred and which will also hold your window panes together if they do break, rather than letting them shatter.