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Building an extension for my mother-in-law

I love my mother-in-law but I never planned on living with her permanently. I have been enjoying her living with us now that we have kids but I feel like we all need some extra space so I am getting a granny flat built at the back of our block. This should allow us to have some extra space to make sure everyone has the privacy that they need whilst we can still be a family. This block has some tip on the process of building a granny flat including how to choose a contractor and how to get the council approval for the build.


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Building an extension for my mother-in-law

Electrical contractors provide important electrical services

by Chloe Cooper

As technology continues to become the center of our daily lives, the use of electricity is now essential for many different applications. Electrical contractors deal with the wiring and fitting of premises for the proper functioning of electrical devices.

Electrical installations are commonly done in residential, commercial and industrial locations. All these places are in need of properly functioning electrical equipment.

It is, therefore, important to have the best electrical contractors to prepare your premises for its required functions. Electrical contractors are trained professionals who work in many different environments to make sure that all your electrical needs are met.

Benefits of an electrical installation

Keeping up with technology

New devices in the market are in need of more efficient electrical systems in order to function properly. An electrical installation carried out on your premises can allow you to meet modern electrical requirements for these advanced devices.

Adhering to safety standards

Electricity can be dangerous, and making sure your premises are safe from electrical failure is very important. An electrical installation that is carried out in the right way can identify and fix problems with wiring, outlets and electric current.

Reduced energy costs

Electricity is one of the most energy-efficient options for powering your premises. With electrical installations, you can further save on energy costs by ensuring that you use the right bulbs and correct wiring patterns.

Choosing the right electrical contractors

When in need of an electrical installation, there are several important factors to consider.

Consider the scope of your project

Before looking for a contractor, determine what your project will involve. Are you simply renovating a room or the entire home? Are you setting up a new office space? Inform potential contractors of the nature of your project and see if they're capable of doing the job.

Check if the contractor is licensed and insured

All electrical contractors need to be adequately licensed, trained and insured. Working with electricity can be dangerous, and contractors need to have the necessary skills and experience for the work involved. In addition, accidents happen. Make sure the contractor is insured so you don't end up being held liable for any damages.

Confirm what services the contractors provide

The best electrical contractors are aware of many different electrical systems. They can also provide important advice on how to use your appliances and other electrical equipment. Ask the contractor how long they have been in the business and what kinds of projects they have worked on.